About ShikakuOfThe.Day

Welcome to ShikakuOfThe.Day, your daily source of Shikaku puzzles! Shikaku is an engaging and challenging puzzle game that tests your spatial reasoning and puzzle-solving skills. In this daily puzzle adventure, your objective is to divide a grid into rectangular and square pieces, ensuring that each piece contains exactly one number, representing the area of the enclosed shape.

How to play

In Shikaku, your task is to divide the given grid into rectangles and squares. Some cells in the grid contains a number, indicating the area (number of cells) of the shape that will occupy that space. The rules are simple:

  • Each number must represent the exact area of a single rectangular or square piece.
  • The grid must be completely divided into these pieces, with no leftover cells.


  • Daily Puzzles: New unique puzzles every day, make sure to check in daily.
  • Difficulties: There are five different difficulties (easy, medium, hard, expert and master), allowing players of all levels to enjoy the game.
  • Timer: Challenge yourself by keeping track of how quickly you can solve each puzzle, aiming to beat your own records. Remember to also share your results!
  • Settings: Turn on dark mode, enable a background grid or highlight invalid rectangles.
  • Stats: Check out your worst, median and best results.
  • Archive: Forgot a day? No worries, you can play previous days in the archive.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with the obvious: Begin by identifying any numbers in the grid that are particularly small or large. These can help you determine the shape and size of the rectangles or squares they correspond to.
  • Use the grid borders: Pay attention to the border cells of the grid. These can be helpful starting points for creating rectangles or squares, as they can only expand inwards.
  • Avoid guesswork: Shikaku puzzles can be solved logically without guessing. Keep track of the possibilities for each number and use deduction to eliminate options until you find the correct placement.
  • Look for constraints: If you encounter a situation where a number can only fit in one possible way, place it there first. This often helps to reveal other placements.
  • Practice regulary: The more you play, the better you'll become at recognizing patterns and applying logical reasoning. Practice is key to improving your skills.